Jason is polite and respectable. He answers all questions I may have. He holds my termite bond and services my home. I am pleased with the work he does treating my home.
elizabeth acree
16:33 15 Jan 18
We have been using A+ termite prevention services for over four years now. We have been very pleased with their service's and reasonable pricing. We highly recommend using their services to protect your home.
Larry Schlise
15:35 18 Dec 17
A+ Termite & Pest Control is awesome! We had spiders everywhere, A+ came in and took care of it. I don't have to call and schedule, they always show up on time and take care of everything. I highly recommend them. I have referred them to my friends and family and they are very satisfied as well.
Alan Schmidt
18:36 21 Nov 17
I have been using A+ Termite & Pest Control for over 3 years now. I chose them because they had the best price of all the companies I called. While I try to stay away from the cheapest option, I thought I would give them a shot and honestly I am glad I did. I have been very happy with the service they provide. Staff is very friendly, professional and personable. They go out of their way to make sure I am completely satisfied. I receive quarterly treatments but they will respond if I have any issues between. I could not be happier with A+ and highly recommend them.
Steve Davis
13:35 27 Oct 17
Jason is trustworthy, reliable, and honest. As a Realtor, my clients expect me to make sound recommendations. Home Buyers want to be assured their new home is free of Termites and other Wood Destroying Insects. I have put my trust in Jason and A+ Termite & Pest Control; and for over 10 years, that trust has been validated. His experience in this business alone is a solid reason to choose his service but truly it is his honesty that sets him apart.
Wayne Kemp
15:31 24 Oct 17
Jason and his team are thoughtful and thorough! I had a colony of ants appear through an outlet in the kitchen and needed action quickly. Not only are the ants gone, but in their review if the whole exterior revealed two large wasp nest which were treated and removed as well. Thank you!
Heidi Seidehamel
12:57 23 Oct 17
We have been using A+ Termite & Pest Control for our personal home for many years! As the owner of Wilson Builders we have used this company for foundation treatment as well. Jason and his team are effective, efficient and reliable. I would highly recommend their services. Len & Sue Wilson / Wilson Builders
Sue M. Wilson
19:41 20 Oct 17
Very happy with service and price. Always contacts me before coming to my home to make sure no schedule conflicts and to see if have any pest problems that they might need to bring extra or other supplies. Always checks to see where my pet is at time of application around my home to insure my pet's safety. Responds quickly if have needs outside the quarterly visit. Recommend A+ Termite & Pest Control to anyone looking for superior service for a very reasonable price.
Vicki Larsen
18:00 20 Oct 17

Pest Control Solutions

Pest Control Solutions 2017-01-26T18:38:51+00:00

The Solution to Your Pest Problems begins with A+ Termite & Pest Control

If you have a pest problem, you’re in good company. After all, there are more than 94,000 species of pests in the U.S. alone. You can maintain the cleanest, most clutter-free home in your neighborhood and still – pests will find their way in. That’s because your home is an ideal environment for pests with its food, water or moisture, warmth and lots of safe places to hide and breed undisturbed (known as “harborage”).

While the best way to solve any existing pest problem is a call to the dependable, experienced experts at Antimite, there are things you should know to prevent pests from moving in with you in the first place – and to keep them away in the future.

Keeping Pests Outside

The area outside your home is a pest’s natural environment, with many harborage areas including ground cover, trees, gardens and any many items people naturally keep in their yards. While it’s a natural thing to be surrounded by pests, the goal is to keep them outside of your home.

One of the easiest paths pests use to come inside is through small stress cracks in your walls, or improperly sealed doors and windows. They also crawl or fly right in through improperly sealed attics, crawl paces or even gaps around plumbing in your walls and floors. Sealing these openings, screening all vents, and even removing as much plant material and harborage (trash cans, storage containers, etc.) in close proximity to your home are all good places to begin pest-proofing your home.

Take a walk around the outside of your home looking for tree branches or heavy plant growth. Trim back anything touching your home – especially the roof to eliminate one of the most common ways pests find their way inside.

A+ Termite & Pest Control proudly offer Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius, Huntersville, Denver, Sherrills Ford & Statesville pest control services and excellent customer service.