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The Solution to Your Pest Problems begins with A+ Termite & Pest Control

If you have a pest problem, you’re in good company. After all, there are more than 94,000 species of pests in the U.S. alone. You can maintain the cleanest, most clutter-free home in your neighborhood and still – pests will find their way in. That’s because your home is an ideal environment for pests with its food, water or moisture, warmth and lots of safe places to hide and breed undisturbed (known as “harborage”).

While the best way to solve any existing pest problem is a call to the dependable, experienced experts at Antimite, there are things you should know to prevent pests from moving in with you in the first place – and to keep them away in the future.

Keeping Pests Outside

The area outside your home is a pest’s natural environment, with many harborage areas including ground cover, trees, gardens and any many items people naturally keep in their yards. While it’s a natural thing to be surrounded by pests, the goal is to keep them outside of your home.

One of the easiest paths pests use to come inside is through small stress cracks in your walls, or improperly sealed doors and windows. They also crawl or fly right in through improperly sealed attics, crawl paces or even gaps around plumbing in your walls and floors. Sealing these openings, screening all vents, and even removing as much plant material and harborage (trash cans, storage containers, etc.) in close proximity to your home are all good places to begin pest-proofing your home.

Take a walk around the outside of your home looking for tree branches or heavy plant growth. Trim back anything touching your home – especially the roof to eliminate one of the most common ways pests find their way inside.

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