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There are more than 35,000 species of spiders in the world. In the area, only two spider groups present significant danger: the brown recluse spider and the black widow.

Black widow spiders (Latrodectus spp.) Black Widow Spider Control– The female is the one to watch out for, the male’s venom becomes almost benign upon reaching maturity. Adult females are black with two rust-colored triangle designs when viewed from above. They reach an overall length of 1.5″. Bites are rare in North Carolina. If bitten, see a physician immediately. Anti-toxins are available. Symptoms, if left untreated, include increased body temperature and blood pressure, sweating, and nausea. Black widow bites are rarely fatal, except occasionally in small children. Call us for Black widow spider control.

Brown recluse spiders (Loxosceles spp.) – Tan to light brown in color, 1/4″ to 1/2″ in length. Oddly, the brown recluse spider has three easily seen pairs of black eyes when seen from above. They are not called recluse for nothing. They remain hidden as much as possible. Brown Recluse Spider ControlThe odds of seeing one are probably smaller than the odds of winning the lottery. Regardless, both males and females of the species can inject venom. The bite is often not felt. Sometimes symptoms require 6-8 hours before they begin to manifest themselves. The bite can produce necrosis, or dead tissue, resulting in an open, ulcerating type of sore. Healing takes weeks. If bitten, go to an emergency room immediately. Ideally, you should take the spider’s carcass along for identification. An anti-toxin has been developed but is not readily available. Call us for brown recluse spider control.

Regular old, scary-looking spiders – There are lots of these around. Most pose no threat and are, in fact, beneficial to gardens. Spiders are attracted to moisture. They will return to a web even after it has been treated with chemicals. They will also take over another spider’s abandoned web site. Call us for spider control.


A+ Termite & Pest Control power sprays the perimeter of the home to create a general pest barrier. We will also treat the eaves and window sills with compressed air sprayer applications. And then, we knock down the webs so spiders won’t return. Pest identifications by A+ Termite & Pest Control are available at no charge. Spider control are among the easiest tasks we face each day.

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Arrived on time, very nice technician, did the job, and I’m bug free. Highly recommend this company
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Very quick response, professional, did a great job. Would highly recommend.
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I have found them to be quick, reliable and dependable, especially with my scheduling conflicts. They are easy to talk to, always follow up and I feel comfortable contacting them if I have a problem between services. Have used other pest control in the past and A+ is completely different-wish I would have found them sooner!
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I have worked as a REALTOR with Jason for years now. He is my go to Termite company. I trust his integrity and his pricing is always fair. I highly recommend him and the team.
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Great company to work with. Setting up an appointment was super easy and Jason was on time, easy to speak with, not pushy and genuinely nice. No more spiders or critters now.
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I trust Jason at A+ Termite and Pest Control to handle all my pest control at my rental units - he keeps my tenants happy by providing quality treatment at my properties and my tenants are pleased with his customer service and response times! He provides excellent service at an affordable cost and keeps the bugs away!
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The owner of the service personally came out the day I called and made a special visit to service the home. They care about their community and the people in it. I highly recommend them over the larger Pest Control services. Jason runs a company that is loyal, dedicated and they get the job done.
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Excellent customer service from Jason. He works with my schedule and makes communication easy. His prices are competitive and billing/payment are seamless. I definitely recommend his service!
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A+ does a professional job, won't overcharge for things, and is very reliable. We use them both for our own home and for our business
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A+ was awesome. We live out of town and needed some help. Jason set up a time/date and did the work as scheduled. We really appreciate a company like this and we will use them going forward! John
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Jason came to the house within a day. He was just knowledgeable, professional. One of the best I've seen!
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Jason came to treat an invasion of ants within 24 hours when other companies were telling me I'd have to wait a week -- for an invasion of ants??? He was not only prompt and courteous but informative and set expectations about what I might observe and that it may need a second treatment. Couldn't have asked for more!
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I highly recommend A+ Termite and pest control ! I am so grateful I called with an emergency wasp problem. A+ was there so promptly to rectify the situation, they made me feel so much better. I know I have found a company that I am going to do business with for a long time ! Thank you!!!!
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Best service at an affordable price. Excellent staff and efficient, easy scheduling. So glad we found this locally owned business.
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I have worked as a REALTOR with Jason for years now. He is my go to Termite company. I trust his integrity and his pricing is always fair. I highly recommend him and the team.
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We have been using A+ termite prevention services for over four years now. We have been very pleased with their service's and reasonable pricing. We highly recommend using their services to protect your home.
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A+ Termite & Pest Control is awesome! We had spiders everywhere, A+ came in and took care of it. I don't have to call and schedule, they always show up on time and take care of everything. I highly recommend them. I have referred them to my friends and family and they are very satisfied as well.
Alan Schmidt
18:36 21 Nov 17
I have been using A+ Termite & Pest Control for over 3 years now. I chose them because they had the best price of all the companies I called. While I try to stay away from the cheapest option, I thought I would give them a shot and honestly I am glad I did. I have been very happy with the service they provide. Staff is very friendly, professional and personable. They go out of their way to make sure I am completely satisfied. I receive quarterly treatments but they will respond if I have any issues between. I could not be happier with A+ and highly recommend them.
Steve Davis
13:35 27 Oct 17
Jason is trustworthy, reliable, and honest. As a Realtor, my clients expect me to make sound recommendations. Home Buyers want to be assured their new home is free of Termites and other Wood Destroying Insects. I have put my trust in Jason and A+ Termite & Pest Control; and for over 10 years, that trust has been validated. His experience in this business alone is a solid reason to choose his service but truly it is his honesty that sets him apart.
Wayne Kemp
15:31 24 Oct 17
Jason and his team are thoughtful and thorough! I had a colony of ants appear through an outlet in the kitchen and needed action quickly. Not only are the ants gone, but in their review if the whole exterior revealed two large wasp nest which were treated and removed as well. Thank you!
Heidi Seidehamel
12:57 23 Oct 17
We have been using A+ Termite & Pest Control for our personal home for many years! As the owner of Wilson Builders we have used this company for foundation treatment as well. Jason and his team are effective, efficient and reliable. I would highly recommend their services. Len & Sue Wilson / Wilson Builders
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19:41 20 Oct 17
Very happy with service and price. Always contacts me before coming to my home to make sure no schedule conflicts and to see if have any pest problems that they might need to bring extra or other supplies. Always checks to see where my pet is at time of application around my home to insure my pet's safety. Responds quickly if have needs outside the quarterly visit. Recommend A+ Termite & Pest Control to anyone looking for superior service for a very reasonable price.
Vicki Larsen
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