If someone has something to fear, it is undoubtedly having pests invade their homes.

According to AHS or the American Housing Survey, the presence of pests highlights public health issues, and data indicates that roaches are often seen in 14 million of the estimated 124 million residential units in the US in the previous years.

Unwanted housemates can be inconvenient as it is harmful to your health. Exterminators efficiently eliminate all levels of infestation while remaining environmentally conscious. However, is it time to hire a pest control company?

If you live around Mooresville and Cornelius, below are five signs that show when it is time to seek pest control assistance.

Presence of strange sounds

Pests will get into all the nooks and crannies of your home, so you will not likely see them, but they will still be ready to take full advantage of the food and shelter.

What is more concerning is that any pest could cause strange noises. It might be the size of a termite or the size of a rat.

These strange noises can include:

  • Scratching
  • Whining
  • Scuttling
  • Squeaking
  • Crawling

Because there is such a wide variety of pests that could be in your home, it is better to call an expert from a pest control company so they can figure out what you are up against.

Strange smells

Is there a weird smell in your house that you cannot find? If you have noticed a strange odor in your house, it could be a sign of a pest infestation.

If you do not recognize the smell, it can be pest droppings and urine scattered all over your house. You might also detect a stale or rotten food smell. It is because pests frequently carry food, leaving microscopic crumbs and bits behind.

If you spot pest droppings all over your house, there is a good chance you will find rotten food as well. Nevertheless, there is a chance that these pests will perish hidden in your home and you could find it challenging to locate them.

Wood and furniture damage

It would help if you look around your property every now and then to check for any wood damages, particularly in your firewood storage, if you have any. Firstly, however, it would be best to look inside, paying attention to details like wooden planks.

Termites are one suspect in the case. They are rarely seen in an open area, but they will destroy your houses from the inside out. Therefore, termite control measures are required.

Rats or mice are also probable culprits. First, they will chew into the wood with their robust and long tooth structure to gain access. Then, they will nibble on wood to protect their tooth from getting too long once they are in.

It is worth noting that some parasites do not only destroy wood. If the infestations become severe enough, they will also ruin your furnishings.

Rodents, for example, may rip up your sofas and chairs upholstery also the insulation to utilize as nesting materials. Then, to get to spots, they will gnaw into your drywall and baseboard.

Rats or mice may breed in your house if you observe gradual indoor property damage.

Pest droppings

Droppings are another unmistakable evidence of parasites in your home. But, again, they will want to enter your home because of shelter and food. Pests, like any other living creature, must excrete waste after eating.

Of course, it depends on what you are dealing with. The size of the droppings can vary. For example, droppings from cockroaches are small and like coffee grounds, whereas rat and mouse droppings are much bigger and resemble black rice grains.

First, start by looking at your floors and other surfaces in your home. Next, look for pest droppings during a brief tour of your home. Among the most obvious signs that your home has insect infestation are droppings.

Check spots where pests are likely to hide, such as:

  • Attic
  • Cabinets
  • Crawl spaces
  • Basement

Unexplained bites on your skin

Some parasites, sadly, will bite anyone. Have you had an itch lately? You may have ignored it, but is there an area on your body that you are constantly scratching?

Bug bites could be to blame. Several people get a mild reaction when attacked by parasites such as bed bugs or even mosquitos, while others experience itching and irritation.

Bed bugs and mosquito bites are the most common after sleeping. However, bed bug bites are usually more widespread, whereas mosquito bites are usually only a few.

You may require mosquito or bed bug control for your peace of mind. An expert will be able to determine what problem you are dealing with and will be ready to provide you with a tailored solution.

Here are some clear signs of bed bugs that you should watch out for.

  • Stings that itch and make it difficult for you to sleep.
  • Stings that recur in almost the same spot (legs, arms, and other parts.)
  • Black patches on your covers and mattress seams.
  • Bloodstains on your bedding and pillows.

You should immediately contact pest control in Mooresville and Cornelius. A professional pest control service can determine what kind of pests you have at home, the severity of infestations, and the recommended way to get rid of them. Furthermore, experts also have preventative plans, so you will not have to deal with pests in your life ever again.

What you can expect from pest control services

Pest control services can significantly benefit you, your family, and your home.

Effective procedure

Since they are familiar with the techniques they implement, experts in the field can effectively minimize and eliminate all pests on your property. In addition, because they are familiar with all aspects of numerous household pests, they will treat every pest differently.

Experienced individuals

Pest control providers take their jobs extremely seriously because they are responsible for your family's safety and wellness. Therefore, only highly qualified and experienced individuals are assigned to assist you with any of your pest concerns.

Green products

Pest controllers use environmentally friendly solutions. They can eliminate the rodents and insects by utilizing green and non-toxic products to prevent harming you and your home.

These specialists are certified by health and environmental protection authorities so that you can be confident that they are good at conducting their responsibilities without causing you to experience any future adverse effects.

No more itching

Many insects, such as bedbugs, ants, and spiders, can attack and bite you at any time. These bites could be highly painful and upset you for several days, even though they are not harmful.

Bug bites can cause rashes or allergies in particular persons with delicate skin. As a result, it is usually best to engage professionals to do the work and have your property bug-free again before you or your family members become victims of such pest bites.

Protect your home and your family from the stress and risk that come with a pest infestation. Do not wait for the signs to get more severe before calling for help. Pest infestations will not only ruin your home's structure but will also harm you and your family's health.

So, if any of the signs are prevalent in your household, do not think twice. A+ Termite and Pest Control will be 100% eager to give you solutions to your pest problems at home anytime. Get in touch