The suburban town of Cornelius, North Carolina, embraces nature by preserving parks, gardens, and lakes. However, one of the consequences would be dealing with various pests or insects in your home.

Pests can destroy your home's architectural foundations, such as walls or ceilings, disturbing your daily life. According to data, mosquitos are the top problem that North Carolina faces.

However, pests vary from mosquitoes to termites, ants, spiders, etc. If you encounter many such problems in your house, then it's time to learn and take the initiative in pest control.

What is pest control?

Pest control consists of different methods that eliminate pests in your home by identifying a breeding ground or applying concentrated chemicals. Even though insects play a role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem, they can get out of hand or limitations are passed, which can cause damage to your home or even your well-being.

But, what exactly are pests? The list below provides an overview and idea of some widely known pests, especially in North Carolina.

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Crickets
  • Termites
  • Mosquitos
  • Bees/wasps/hornets

Not only do pests cause problems in homes, but also wider areas such as agriculture. For example, it affects crop growth, leading to a lower quantity or quality of a crop.

How to effectively do pest control

Pest control methods range from simple to complex and specific applications. As complicated as it may seem, pest control is a doable task for anyone. Overall, the goal is to keep your house and the environment safe.

Maintain cleanliness

What attracts pests the most is a damp and messy area. So make sure that you keep the kitchen or bathroom clean after every use; that decreases pest infestations and creates a safe and healthy environment. Using a disinfectant cleaner, making it a habit to store food properly in well-locked containers, and keeping the floors dry will most likely reduce instances of having pests.

Moreover, it is also important to keep your trash secure or throw it out at a proper time. Storing it for a long time will encourage pest infestation and diseases that these pests might carry and infect the people in the household.

Declutter unwanted items

Decluttering unwanted items in your house encourages tidiness and reduces the likelihood of pest infestations. For example, pests would easily make a home out of the pile of boxes or stacked books in your basement in no time.

Avoid having wet areas

Having a leak or puddle of water in your house is a newfound home for mosquitos since they thrive in water bodies. Their larvae can hatch in less than 48 hours as long as there is stagnant water, regardless of where it is from.

Possible areas where leaks occur are the basement, kitchen, bathroom, or AC units. If you use a bucket to eliminate leaks, clean it or throw it out every now and then.

Keep it closed

Ensure there are no cracks, holes, or openings in your walls, pipes, or front yard. These serve as easy entry points for pests, in which they can slowly build a new habitat if the conditions suit them.

Seek pest control services

While the first four tips help decrease pest infestations, it would be a good investment to have professionals look into your pest problem, especially if it continues to go out of hand.

A+ Termite & Pest Control

A+ Termite & Pest Control is a Mooresville-based company that remains successful in resolving pest problems after more than 20 years in the business. Homeowners found pest problems less of a concern because of the company's prompt service, trained exterminators, and premier customer service. Their services extend to different towns in North Carolina, which are:

  • Huntersville
  • Denver
  • Davidson
  • Cornelius
  • Sherrills, Ford & Troutman

Because of the towns' warm and humid conditions, particularly in the Lake Norman area, A+ Termite & Pest Control provides appropriate pest control methods that can eliminate the problem.

Spider control

While spiders bear the benefit of consuming other insects that may be bothersome, they can still be dangerous since spiders possess venom that might cause health complications in the long run if not treated immediately.

This task starts with the exterminators spraying a perimeter to create a pest barrier. The chemicals are sprayed to prevent pests from even spreading inside the house, such as on the roof's edges or windowsills. Additionally, exterminators will also remove cobwebs that can further influence the growth of spiders.

Odorous house ant control

One of the main pest problems is odorous house ants in your pantry or kitchen. These ants do not only spoil food but also release an unpleasant smell when they are crushed. Unfortunately, applying home remedies might not be useful sometimes since it might worsen the situation.

So, how does A+ Termite & Pest Control respond to this problem? First, exterminators will focus on treating the outside of your house. Next, certain chemicals will be injected into the interior of the walls to prevent them from expanding the colony. Finally, exterminators will place a special seal on electrical outlets or switch plates for this procedure to take effect. It will also ensure the safety of your family members from inhaling strong chemicals.

Termite control

No matter how small they are, termites cause great damage to homes that cost nearly five billion dollars. The common kind of termite in North Carolina is called east subterranean termites. Regardless of type, you can easily spot termites through the following signs:

  • Mud tubes are trails of soil that appear on walls or ceilings
  • A swarm of termite forms in the air
  • Wood that is not hollow in the first place or brittle suggests the infestation of termites

A+ Termite & Pest Control responds to this problem by starting with a house inspection. So, they would know what control methods are appropriate for your home since the intensity of pest infestation differs for everyone.

Mosquito control

Mosquitoes are known to carry diseases such as the Zika virus with just one bite on the skin. Given that these insects' habitats are water, exterminators would take the following measures to eliminate them from your home.

This type of pest control is customized, like termite control, hence the name “optimal mosquito control.” Once the exterminators have identified the breeding ground of mosquitos and after applying a control method designed for your situation, monthly visits are needed to check whether the mosquitos are still around.

Nonetheless, A+ Termite & Pest Control guarantees its exceptional services for a mosquito-free home.


As much as the town of Cornelius in North Carolina deals with its beautiful scenery of Lake Norman, it still bears the disadvantage of having pests take hold of your home unknown to you. Fortunately, there are fewer possibilities of growing pest infestation; by making it a habit to keep your house clean, dry, and organized.

Indeed, cleanliness is the foundation of pest control, and you can improve it with the helping hand of experts and professionals from A+ Termite & Pest Control. By implementing all five pest control tips, you combine your efforts with those of professionals to create a barrier between nature and the harmful effects of pest invasion.

As a start to your pest control journey, contact 704-285-1659 today for immediate solutions.