Pests are a burden to have at home. You can find them anywhere and, in any circumstance, mainly because they are not picky about where they live. Pests can be found anywhere, even around the Mooresville and Cornelius areas in North Carolina.

Similar to other areas, pests are an issue in North Carolina. It becomes more challenging for homeowners to live peacefully as the pest problem in their homes becomes harder to control.

Why is pest control necessary?

Pests usually carry around diseases and can infest different parts of your house. Not only can this inconvenience you, but it is also detrimental to the health of everyone living in your household.

When you do something about the pest problem in your home, different viruses and bacteria will not easily spread in your household. Pest control can also prevent the pests from multiplying and further infesting other parts of your house, which can cause damage and can affect your home's structural integrity.

Is it essential to know what types of pests you have in your home?

Like going to war, you have to know who or what you are up against. You have to understand what pests may be lurking in your home so that you will know the appropriate measures to take.

Although pest control companies can help you, it is still vital for you to become aware of focusing first on preventing their further spread and initially stopping them before professional help arrives.

The most common pests found in Mooresville, North Carolina

Common pests can vary for every location, mainly due to different conditions that are ideal for pests to thrive and survive.


One of the most common pests to have in North Carolina are ants. Although they may look harmless, they can potentially bring large infestations if you don't prevent them from spreading.

Several species exist in North Carolina, and houses are one of the most common places that they live in. Some of the species are

  • Pharaoh ants
  • Black ants
  • Ghost ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Pavement ants.

Ants prefer to live in outdoor areas because they like staying in wood to protect themselves from danger. But when not attended to, they can cause infestations in indoor spaces to look for food, and houses are the perfect places for them to search.

One species of ants you should be especially worried about are fire ants. Fire ants are a potential danger to humans as their bites leave a burning sensation on the skin. Some people have also reported experiencing skin reactions that have led them to seek medical assistance and be costly.

Ants may be minuscule, but they can be bothersome in significant numbers. Ensure your home or property in the Mooresville or Cornelius areas is safe from these pests.

Bed bugs

Pests are not only prevalent during the day. Some pests can bother you during the nighttime, like bed bugs. These pests can be found all around the world, and people who travel can bring them into their homes.

Traveling can carry bed bugs because they can cling to cloth materials like luggage, clothes, or bags. Homes in North Carolina can easily have these pests as they can easily migrate. They are also known as one of the top common pests is because they can transport easily.

With the bed bugs' size, they can be challenging to locate and terminate. In addition, they can easily squeeze in dark spaces and will only come out when you are sleeping to suck your blood.

Bed bugs aren't picky about where they settle as they thrive in commercial or residential areas. Therefore, terminating them is complex. It is why you would need the help of a pest control expert to take care of the bed bug infestation.


One of the creepiest pests you can find in your North Carolina home is cockroaches. Unfortunately, they are a common pest in the state, and many people are not happy having them around. Not only are they creepy-looking, but they are dirty creatures that can spread germs around. Cockroaches eat anything from ordinary table food to garbage; that is why there is a high chance that they are disease carriers in the home.

Cockroaches like hiding in damp and dark spaces like closets, cupboards, drawers, and in kitchen or bathroom nooks. They like moist areas and will look for food almost anywhere, even when they’re headless.

Experts say that a quick solution for a cockroach problem is eliminating any water source that can cause moisture in your home. Unfortunately, roaches are also one of the most common pests in the North Carolina state. It is why you can expect these pests in your home.


If you are afraid of spiders, North Carolina may not be for you as these arachnids are common. They are essential parts of the ecosystem, but property owners find them burdensome as they can also cause infestations.

According to experts, you should call professional pest services when dealing with a spider problem. There are several species of spiders, some of which are venomous. If you ignore a spider infestation in your home, you can be exposing yourself and your family to spider bites that can cause different reactions on the body.

Ticks and fleas

Other types of pests you can find in North Carolina are ticks and fleas. These pets are common when you have pets in your household. However, they can also exist in homes with no pests if you or someone in your family has visited a tick or flea-infested area.

Ticks and fleas can cling on to people or pets, which is their way of transportation. So even if you have a new home, ticks and fleas can still exist.

Because of their small size, fleas and ticks are virtually undetectable, making them hard to eliminate. If you want to take them out of your house or property, it would be best to handle pest control experts.


When you don't store your food correctly, rodents are another common pest that will appear in your home. Rodents are common in Mooresville and Cornelius, North Carolina, and their presence is never a good thing.

Rodents are known to be carriers of more than 30 types of disease, some of which can be fatal to your health. If they find your home an excellent place to live in, they will never have second thoughts about living there. Instead, they will chew anything and everything that they can, which can cause accidents in your home like fires.

Aside from the physical damage, rodents can also cause the spread of sickness in your household. If you want to prevent illnesses and accidents in your home, you should have your home checked for rodents and have them eliminated as soon as possible if there are.


Termites are also common pests in North Carolina. These are pests that you don't want to have in your home as they are silent destroyers, and it will be too late before you realize that they are infesting your house. You will not have any idea about their existence unless you regularly check your home for them.

If there is wood on your property, you might experience a termite infestation. They like wood and can tear through them in no time. Termites can damage wooden areas in your home, and the damage that they cause can cost you a lot of money.

Have a professional check your home when you want to ensure that termites are not a problem for you. They can give you suggestions on the correct steps to take to prevent them from infesting your house or how you can eliminate them if they already exist.

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