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There are not too many things worse than uninvited guests in your home – especially the creepy crawly kind with extra legs and the potential to bite.

When you live in a lakeside town like Cornelius, North Carolina, the glory of our natural surroundings comes at a cost: spiders, mosquitoes, odorous house ants. These are the price we pay for living so in tune with nature. The trick is to catch and treat these pests before they can become infestations and become a living nightmare: stressful and aggravating at best, life-altering at worst.

Let our certified and professional Cornelius exterminators crush your pest control problem! We are experts at dealing with all the pests Cornelius, North Carolina, has to offer.

We have proudly been serving Cornelius NC and the surrounding Lake Norman area for 20+ years. As one of the only real locally owned and operated pest control companies in the area, we know what is best at beating your pest.

We have experience in dealing with the following pests:

  • Ants

  • Spiders

  • Roaches

  • Crickets

  • Termites

  • Mosquitos

  • Bees/Wasps/Hornets

  • And More...

Cornelius Spider Control

While many people will tell you to never kill a spider, spinning a yarn about bad luck and their power as mosquito-eaters, the truth of the matter is that a spider infestation is no fun for anyone. Regardless of whether or not you suffer from bona fide arachnophobia.

Of course, spiders can be beneficial – eating insects and other pests – but some species can also be harmful to people and animals. Spider fangs do emit venom which, depending on the type of spider, can produce symptoms ranging from mildly unpleasant to lethal.

Living in Cornelius, close to water, spiders can be even more of an issue than in other places. And while home remedies, like regular dusting to remove webs and the sealing of cracks, may discourage spiders, if you continue to find multiple spiders in your home, garage, basement or attic, it is time to call in the professionals. Why? Because once you have a spider infestation, without professional spider control services it’s not likely to be over any time soon – most spiders live for about a year, but some can live as long as 15!

At A+ we know exactly how to rid your home, and your dreams, of spiders.

Cornelius Odorous
House Ant Control

Another pest common to Cornelius is the odorous house ant. Sometimes called odorous ants, these are small, measuring just 2.4 to 3.3 mm in length, but powerful, persistent pests.

Odorous ants enter your home in search of food, particularly sweets and meats, which is why your kitchen pantry, cupboards and floor might be the first place you spot the trail.

How serious are these pests and how important is it to get rid of them? Well, for one thing, they run true to their name: odorous ants release an unpleasant smell when crushed and when they invade kitchen storage areas they may contaminate food products. It’s also important to note that home remedies, such as liquid and aerosol insecticide products, can actually create more problems by scattering the workers and creating more nesting sites.

In short, it’s best to get A+ Termite and Pest control professionals in to assess, implement and monitor the situation, and develop an ongoing plan of action designed for your unique situation to get odorous house ants out – and keep them out!

Cornelius Termite Control

In North Carolina, termites are very prevalent. Our humid, warm summer months are the perfect environment for them. The fact is that every home here will get termites at some point. Termites are said to cause nearly $5 billion in damage. Unfortunately, all of this damage is NOT covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Your best course of action to avoid major termite-related disaster is to call A+ Termite & Pest Control in to provide corrective and preventative termite control in Cornelius. Our first step will be to provide a complete inspection of the property by one of our termite exterminators. Finding out if there is any activity is crucial in deciding the appropriate plan. Contact us today for your free inspection.

Cornelius Mosquito Control

Are mosquitos taking over your yard? Living in a lakeside town, the answer is most likely yes. But this is not a problem you just have to live with! It's time to take your yard back. When you have mosquitos in your yard, it's not just the bites and the annoyance-factor you have to worry about. Mosquitoes can transmit dangerous diseases to you, your children, and your pets. Diseases like West Nile Virus, the Zika Virus, and more are known to cause serious health concerns. Our

Mosquito control programs includes:

  • Inspection of your property to find breeding grounds
  • Visits every month during mosquito season
  • Targeted applications for optimal mosquito control
  • Cornelius mosquito control professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional results
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I have found them to be quick, reliable and dependable, especially with my scheduling conflicts. They are easy to talk to, always follow up and I feel comfortable contacting them if I have a problem between services. Have used other pest control in the past and A+ is completely different-wish I would have found them sooner!
Katie McIntosh
14:23 15 Sep 18
Quick to respond and thorough service. Very helpful in explaining the service and warranty. I will definitely use them again if the need arises.
Doug Surratt
13:28 10 Oct 18
Arrived on time, very nice technician, did the job, and I’m bug free. Highly recommend this company
Jimmy Dagenhart
14:43 28 Sep 18
Great company to work with. Setting up an appointment was super easy and Jason was on time, easy to speak with, not pushy and genuinely nice. No more spiders or critters now.
Todd & Melissa Coolidge
15:35 21 Jul 18
I'm a general contractor and recently needed a termite treatment at the last minute. His price was in line with what I would normally expect to pay as a contractor. He did it in a timely manner and didn't try to price gouge like another pest control company in Mooresville did. Would highly recommend
Adam Getchell
15:07 25 Jan 19
We just relocated to North Carolina. Jason and his staff could not have been more welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful!!
Jolienne Aiello
16:22 15 Feb 19
A+ Termite and Pest Control is affordable, reliable, and the service providers are polite and professional at every visit. The billing and invoice system is also easy and worry free.
Dana Worley
03:30 06 Mar 19
I have found them to be quick, reliable and dependable, especially with my scheduling conflicts. They are easy to talk to, always follow up and I feel comfortable contacting them if I have a problem between services. Have used other pest control in the past and A+ is completely different-wish I would have found them sooner!
Katie McIntosh
13:17 14 Mar 19
Jason came to the house within a day. He was just knowledgeable, professional. One of the best I've seen!
Paul Corrigan
13:23 12 Mar 19

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