North Carolina has several known subterranean termite species, including the Eastern and Formosan termites. These pests commonly inhabit the soil, tree stumps, and landscape timbers. However, they are known to invade houses, outbuildings, and various artificial structures.

Termites are among the most destructive pests in the Southern United States, thriving unnoticed inside your home for extended periods. These discreet invaders burrow deep in underground tunnels, wooden structures, and timer nests.

Preventing termite infestation is a big problem amongst homeowners, causing billions of dollars in control and prevention every year. Termites commonly live below the ground, and the colony moves up the structure, causing irreversible damage to every wooden architecture. Homes are particularly vulnerable given that frames and the anatomy of most houses in Mooresville and Cornelius are timber.

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Understanding How Termites Start Burrowing

Termites are burrowers living in nests or colonies. These insects follow a caste hierarchy.

Each territory has a king and queen identified because of their brown hue and wingless bodies. Queen termites lay thousands of eggs every year for five years.

The colony is swarmed largely by soldiers with large heads and large jaws. These soldiers guard the territory while the white-bodied workers serve as foragers, maintain the nest, including the larvae, and care for the queen.

New branches often sprout as part of the larger colony set up with their own reproductive. It can be formed as an independent colony where they have its king and queen. Unfortunately, these new branch termite colonies can develop anywhere on your property and not just near the location of the original site.

A mature termite colony can have anywhere from 60,000 to 2,000,000 workers depending on the specie. The foraging area of these pests expands over time, and the colony splits into small nests. A significant study indicates that a settlement can rummage through an acre of land with several of its supporting colonies.

Termite activity is often not visible until accidental discovery or home renovations happen. However, there are sure tell-tale signs indicative of a termite infestation. In addition, symptoms of these pests' activity can show up by chance.

Three Early Signs of Termite Activity

Though termites burrow underground where moist soil is located, they nest in houses where wood provides the ideal food source for colony propagation. In addition, drywood termites are often the culprit behind a rotting wood-frame structure because they burrow deep within the wood.

Discarded wings and dead termite swarmers

One of the early tell-tale signs of a possible termite infestation is seeing termite swarmers inside your house. Termite swarmers are also called alates and are the reproductive members of the colony.

Swarmers are attracted to light, tending to swarm around doors and windows. Alates don’t live long and commonly shed their large, pale-colored wings. Seeing discarded swarmer wings or dead alates on your windowsill is a possible sign of an early termite invasion.

Mud tubes

Mud tubes are the long narrow veins protruding on the sides of your home or windowsill. It is a common indication of early termite activity used by subterranean termites to protect their soft and moist bodies from drying up.

The Mooresville and Cornelius area are common breeding grounds for subterranean termites because of their proximity to lakes and riverways.

In addition, the moist environment provides the ideal condition for termites to thrive and propagate. As a homeowner, one sign you should look out for is mud tubes allowing termites to travel safely from the food source to the colony.

Damaged wallpaper and under paints

Termite galleries and exit holes are common indications that these pests are feeding on your home’s wood paneling. Although termites often do this without showing surface activity.

It is the reason why it’s often hard to detect termites until home repairs or renovations are done. Unusual appearances or protrusions in the wallpaper or paint surface can be an early warning sign of termite invasion. If you happen to see exit holes, bubbling paints, or buckling wood, these are signs that termites are slowly taking over your home structure.

Discovering subterranean termites before they invade the wooden structure will help you save thousands of dollars on home renovations. A+ Termite & Pest Control offers an intelligent solution to help you get rid of these pests. Though these discreet invaders are found underground, they can still pop into your property without proper control.

Controlling Termites from Taking Over Your Property

Discovering termite activity before it worsens is critical in keeping your structure sound. When you've observed these pests' early activities, ensure a qualified pest management company thoroughly inspects your property.

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If you are a victim of termite invasion, contacting professionals and arranging an inspection will help you uncover the extent of the damage. The ultimate goal is to control the termite population and eventually eradicate the pests off your property.

Consequently, you want to eliminate termite activity in the long run. Controlling termites from destroying your wood framework will help you save thousands of dollars on home renovations. Preventing populations from reappearing means getting the right team to uncover and work on the problem with long-term solutions.

Pest Control and Termite Treatment Applications

Controlling termite activity involves more than just spraying surface swarmers with an insecticide. It may kill surface termites but will not protect against future attacks. One common type of treatment is the "trench and treat" process, where a liquid termiticide is applied to critical surfaces and surrounding areas.

Most often, the targeted areas are the foundation walls where the soil is trenched to about 6” deep with a minimum diameter of 4" broad. The surrounding interior foundation is also treated in areas where termite activity is identified for houses with crawlspaces.

With severe infestations, the pier support is included during the treatment process to prevent possible re-invasion of the whole structure. In addition, a promising treatment creates a chemical barrier that prevents termites from coming back and invading the same network.

North Carolina's Department of Agriculture must follow these minimum pest control requirements. In addition, companies offer different types of termite treatment ranging from the "trench and treat" method to spot treatment. At A+ Termite & Best Control, we understand the diverse needs of home and business owners for termite infestations.

Stop Your Termite Problem at its Roots

Although DIY solutions often address the visible termite invasion, sometimes, it does not effectively address the unseen. For example, you can buy termiticides from online shops and gardening stores in Mooresville and Cornelius. But without the right skills and knowledge, you would have a bigger termite problem.

Remember that termites burrow deep when left untouched for a long time. Treating just the above surface might be effective after a couple of weeks, but it worsens immediately. The best way to eliminate your termite and pest problems in Mooresville and Cornelius is to hire a professional pest control service.

A4+ follows an effective pest management technology to prevent these foragers from harming your home. We use the latest formulations to create a barrier outside your home while we work to eliminate the colonies inside your home.

We use new techniques and pest control formulations to stop termites and other insects from propagating. Using these technologies has allowed A+ to effectively prevent bugs and damaging pests from returning to your property.

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