Pests around the house are a nuisance. They can cause health problems such as allergies to you, your family, and your pets and even damage your house and furniture. As such, as soon as you sight critters in your home, it’s advisable to call one of the top Pest control companies in Cornelius NC, as quickly as possible to eliminate these unwelcome guests from your home.

A+ Termite & Pest Control is a leading provider of pest management services in Cornelius and the surrounding areas. We deal with a variety of home-invading pests, including insects such as roaches and spiders and rodents like rats. Our aim is to make your home safe for everyone and prevent any structural damage to your property.

Our Inspection, Elimination, and Extermination Process

Before beginning any work on your house or compound, our pest exterminators in Cornelius do a thorough inspection. This allows us to find out where the pests are coming from, how they’re getting into the house, and estimate the existing population. Once that is done, we then proceed to make a report that includes our recommended solutions for the pest problem. With your permission, our exterminators will go ahead and use different pest and termite control methods to remove the invaders from your property.

As our client, you can choose to have us eliminate or exterminate the pests. So, what exactly is the difference between the two?


When we eliminate pests from your house, it means that we remove them without necessarily killing them. Elimination is mostly preferred for pests such as bees and wasps, which are useful in other areas, but not around homes. To move bees and wasps, we use methods such as getting rid of their nests, which forces them to look for a new home.


Extermination involves killing the invading pests. At A+ Termite & Pest Control, we use products such as pesticides for this, and traps. Our trained and experienced exterminators will use pesticides without exposing your household to poisonous substances. Traps work for rodents, while poisoned bait will deal with cockroaches, ants, and other pests that come looking for food.

We Believe that Prevention Matters

At A+ Termite & Pest Control, we know that while eliminating and killing existing pests can provide temporary relief, placing barriers is what will keep the insects away. That’s why we use preventive measures for pest control in Cornelius. We’ll fill cracks and crevices in your walls and near your doors and windows to cover any entry points that the critters could be using. We also use pesticide powders to create a barrier around your house to deter insects such as ants.

Say Goodbye to those Pesky Pests

A+ Termite & Pest Control is here for you if you’re looking for the ‘best pest control near Cornelius.’ We will make sure all the pests are gone from your property in no time, giving you the peace you need in your home. Call us today on 704-285-1659 for more information on what we, as one of the top pest control companies in Cornelius NC, can do for you.

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