The fact that ants and termites can ravage your house without you noticing is what makes them so dangerous. This is why at A+ Termite & Pest Control, we advise that you get a pest control professional to inspect your home at least twice per year. A pro can check for signs that may be hidden behind your walls and beneath your floors, saving you from having to deal with extensive damage and costly pest extermination services if the problem is caught late. We offer pest services, including termite control in Cornelius NC, offering effective elimination and extermination services for ants, termites, rodents, among other household pests.

Our Termite and Ant Control Services

Food and moisture are the two main things that attract ants and termites to your house. During inspection, we first identify the type of insect that has invaded your home before beginning any  Cornelius pest control.

Types of termites include dry-wood, damp wood, and subterranean. Carpenter, sugar, moisture, and pavement ants are the kind you may find around your house. Dry-wood termites, damp wood termites, and carpenter ants are notorious for feeding on wood. This means that if they get into your home, your wooden structures are at risk. If you see wood shavings around your furniture, wooden windows, or doors, it might be an indication of their presence.

Sugar and pavement ants are more interested in food particles, especially those that are sugary and greasy. Usually, a few worker ants leave their nest in search of food, then carry it back to the rest of the colony. That’s why if you see a few ants or termites crawling around your house, you should be worried about a possible infestation.

Effective Pest Control Methods that We Use

The best termite exterminators in Cornelius employ methods that deal with both the pests that you can see and those that are out of sight. We usually set poisoned baits that the workers carry back to their nests. In this way, we feed the entire colony contaminated food, leading to the death of the queen and other growing ants or termites.

Poisoned baits are necessary to ensure that the scout ants take back poisoned food to the rest of the population. It’s important to understand that you might not see results right away, as the poison takes time to kill the insects. You may begin noticing a reduction in their numbers in a few days, up to about a couple of weeks when the entire colony has been exterminated.

Another type of chemical we use during termite and pest control is a transferable insecticide, which the termites and ants spread among themselves on contact. We may also utilize other methods such as drilling holes into your walls to reach termite nests. At A+ Termite & Pest Control, we employ a variety of pest management strategies to ensure that our clients get the best pest control near Cornelius.

A Pest-Free House

If you’re looking for Cornelius pest control, come to A+ Termite & Pest Control. We will take our time to access the situation before attempting any work on your home to ensure that we get it right the first time. Our expertise makes us one of the top exterminators when it comes to termite control in Cornelius NC. Contact us today at 704-285-1659 for any questions about our services.

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